Benedict's Steakhouse
Your Mouth Will Love It!


Our goal at Benedict's is to serve the best steaks and prime rib in the Kootenay's.

We cut our meat fresh to order, so you can order any size above 6 ounces.

(Even number's only ... no body likes an odd piece of meat!)

Sirloin Steak

very flavourful steak

8oz ~ $21.95          10oz ~ $23.95          12oz ~ $25.95

New York Steak

"The King of Steaks!"

6oz ~ $21.95          8oz ~ $23.95          10oz ~ $25.95

Filet Mignon

The most tender steak available. Subtle flavour.

8oz ~ $36.95          10oz ~ $42.95          12oz ~ $48.95

Treat yourself & have it stuffed with garlic and wrapped with bacon for $3 more


Prime Rib

Slow Roasted and served with Yorkshire Pudding and Au Jus.

6oz ~ $22.95     8oz ~ $25.95     10oz ~ $28.95     12oz ~ $31.95     14oz ~ $34.95

We cut this to order as we'll, so if you're hungry .... go nuts!  $3 each ounce more.


Add Peppercorn Sauce or Burgundy Mushroom Sauce for $5.95

Add 1/2 Dozen Garlic Prawns for $8.95

Add Neptune Garnish for $7.95

Peppercorn Steak                                                                      $29.95

New York Steak coated with freshly cracked peppercorns and

served with a burgundy wine sauce.

Steak and Prawns                                                                      $29.95

Six tiger prawns sautéed in our white wine, garlic and shallot butter

on a New York Steak.

Steak Neptune                                                                           $29.95

New York Steak topped with shrimp, crab and Hollandaise sauce.

Steak & Popcorn Shrimp $27.95

Sirloin steak served with popcorn shrimp & homemade cocktail sauce.

Add a 5oz Caribbean Lobster Tail $15

All Meals Come Served with your choice of Rice,

 Stuffed Potato,Baked Potato, Mashed Potato, or French Fries