Benedict's Steakhouse
Your Mouth Will Love It!


Salmon Steak                                                                             $19.95

Wild caught Coho salmon lightly floured and pan-fried.  Finished

with a lemon garlic butter.

Basa Neptune                                                                            $24.95

Oven poached filet of Basa topped with shrimp, crab and hollandaise


Garlic Prawns                                                                            $26.95

A dozen tiger prawns sautéed in our white wine, garlic and shallot


Lobster Dinner                                                                          $25.95

5oz Caribbean Lobster Tail with Drawn Butter.



Chicken Cordon Bleu                                                                $24.95

Breast of chicken stuffed with ham and cheese, wrapped in puff

pastry & baked in the oven.

Baby Back Ribs                                           Half $21.95/Full $26.95

Tender Baby Back Ribs baked with your  choice

of B.B.Q. sauce, Red Ale Habenaro, or Greek sauce.

Chicken Neptune                                                                       $26.95

Charbroiled chicken breast topped with shrimp, crab and

Hollandaise sauce.

Chicken Parmesan                                                                     $23.95

Breaded chicken breast topped with tomato sauce and cheese, then

baked in the oven.

Veal Neptune                                                                              $25.95

Breaded veal topped with shrimp, shredded crab and Hollandaise


Chicken Schnitzel                                                                       $19.95

Chicken breast breaded and fried served with a cream sauce.

Veal Cutlet                                                                                   $19.95

Breaded tender veal fried and served with gravy.

Liver and Onions                                                                        $19.95

Baby beef liver with sautéed onions and gravy

                     Goes Great with Bacon $2.00